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What is it about a Christmas stocking? Old or young, waking up on Christmas to a stocking lumpy with little surprises has its own special joy.

Even if it’s something as small as a pack of gum or as practical as a pair of new socks!

The Tradition of Christmas Stockings

Thanks to the famous poem “The Night Before Christmas” written by Clement C. Moore, we do know that Christmas stockings have been “hung by the chimney with care” for at least the last two hundred years (and then some).

But exactly how long ago the tradition began and why it became so popular are more unknown.

Most agree the Christmas stocking tradition pays tribute to St. Nicholas, the Christian saint of ancient times known for his generosity and gift-giving to those in need.

The legend goes that St. Nicholas heard of a widowed man who could not pay a dowry for his three daughters (a desperate situation in those times). St. Nicholas dropped gold coins down the widower’s chimney by night, and one of the coins fell into one of the stockings hung by the fire to dry. The widower and his daughters were overjoyed to find the coins the next morning, their worries over.

The example of St. Nicholas continues to shape our idea of the true spirit of Christmas today!

Healthy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas on the healthier side that I’ve come up with over the years or heard others recommend. And don’t forget to check out my 2019 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for last-minute ideas for your whole Christmas list!

On to the list…

Consumable Stocking Stuffers

Health and Beauty Gifts

Experiences / Sentimental

  • Coupon for “date” with Mom or Dad
  • Carousel or gaming tokens
  • Movie night with favorite dessert coupon
  • A coupon to stay up an hour late (special Mom and Dad time!)
  • A coupon to pick the meals for a day
  • Mini photo book with family memories and inspirational quotes
  • A keepsake letter or love note
  • Movie tickets or gift certificates
  • Ask loved ones to record favorite stories or read-alouds and create a playlist (gifted on a device you already own)
  • A flip photo book with pictures from the year

Perfectly Practical

Games & Fun


Themed Stocking

  • “Adventure” kit for camping: compass, mini-flashlight, beef jerky, trail mix, binoculars, fanny pack – or buy one already made
  • Letter-writing kit: stationery, stickers, pen, address book, fun stamps
  • Crafting kit: yarn, crochet hook, mini cross-stitch set, buttons, stickers, ribbon
  • Art supplies: watercolor paints, brushes, glue, sequins, stickers, paper punch or stamps
  • Purse theme (for mom or older child): mints, Kleenex pack, pens, natural hand sanitizer, hand lotion

Just Because

  • Jewelry or charms
  • Photo gift from Mixbook
  • Gift certificate to learn something new, like being a beekeeper!
  • Festive tie for the man in your life
  • Gift cards
  • Religious medals or holy cards
  • Cash or gift card inside a Money Maze gift box

One fun twist on the stocking stuffer tradition: Instead of gifting everything in one day, slip one new gift into the stockings on each of the twelve days of the Christmas season (traditionally from Dec. 25 to the feast of the Epiphany on Jan. 6). Your kids will love looking forward to a new surprise and it will help keep their focus on the whole Christmas season!

What are some of your favorite healthy stocking stuffers? Please share!


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